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Singapore's Health Promotion Board's Workplace Health Promotion programme includes a mental health education programme that encourages managing stress before it manages you and getting into a healthy state of mind. Many companies have also used the workplace health promotion grant in their workplace health promotion effort.

Onsite Office Massage has been shown to reduce stress and encourages individuals to adopt a healthy body through the identification of stress and tension. Massage is an effective Workplace Health Promotion tool used by health facilitators and managers to keep their employee mental and physical health in the prime all year round. Workplace Health Promotion is easy with Essential Kneads Onsite Office Massage.

Try Office Massage today for your Company Workplace Health Promotion.

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Chair Massage
Chair Massage
An energizing massage with kneading and acupressure targeting the neck and shoulders on Portal Pro III massage chairs. Releases energy blockages around the neck and shoulder area to enhance focus and concentration.
Table Massage   Table Massage
A relaxing massage on the entire back with soothing strokes and Oriental pressure techniques on an Oakworks/Earthlite professional massage table. Relieves muscle tension and relieves tightness in your back area.
Head Massage   Head Massage
An invigorating seated massage of the shoulders, neck, and scalp without the use of oil or massage chairs. Relieves tension headaches and improves concentration.
hand Massage   hand Massage
A pampering treatment for your hands to relieve repetitive wrist strain injuries and make your hands smooth and supple.
Express Manicure   Express Manicure
An express nail retreat that gets you professional shiny buffed nails. Perfect for both ladies and gentlemen before your next meeting or social function.
Foot Massage   Foot Massage
A massage on your lower leg muscles and pressure therapy on the reflex points on the soles of your feet. Relaxing and balancing for your total well-being,

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